France divided as Le Pen heads for election win

The French are showing unrivalled support for the far right National Front ahead of Sunday’s regional elections, with one expert warning that the rise in support is just the beginning for party leader Marine Le Pen.

This comment is interesting, sounds awfully like Ontario…

“If you think that Le Pen will unite France I am afraid you are deluded. France has had plenty of oppurtunity to change over the last 40 years but it has failed to modernise many of it’s political structures. More than 55% of the people work directly or indirectly for the state. End of salary pensions are quite normal. Teachers retiring early to make way for the young, crazy ideas about taxation/cotisations (some of the highest in europe) and self employment/business and employment laws generally (3,500 pages!), and the lowest retirement age in the modern world are benefits that the FN will not change easily.”


  • Gettingby

    55% of people work directly or indirectly for the government. What % are supported by the government out of the 45% left? Does anyone have the figures for Canada? Federal+provincial+municipal I’d guess we are closing in on those numbers.

  • Socialism does not work. It sooner or later will collapse. That combined with a (PC BS) 10% Muslim population will result in a significant civil war.

  • cmh

    and france replied…..”je suis muslim”

  • canminuteman

    The FN who always get branded “far right” are no such thing. They are just as socialist as every other party. The only difference is that they have this crazy belief that France should be for theFrench.

    • WalterBannon

      The left also brand the Nazis as “far right” and they are socialist too.

      You have to understand context, the left who are doing this are they same kind of extreme left who fought to decide who was the most communist in Russia after the communist revolution against the tsar. When you are that far to the left, everything is right wing. Its all in perspective. When we allow them to get away with this re-branding we loose.

  • Blacksmith

    It is a good sign, but time will tell the true story.