Forum told Islam’s goal is Australia under Sharia law

ABOUT 200 people turned out to a forum in Buddina on Sharia law and political Islam, among them Buderim State MP Steve Dickson.

Sunshine Coast Safe Communities Inc president Ron Hutchins got proceedings under way at Kawana Community Hall yesterday before guest speakers, including Iraq veteran and controversial identity Bernard Gaynor, addressed the gathering.

It was a tightly-run affair, with ID required upon entry and media restricted to shooting from the rear of the event, to avoid identifying those in the audience.

Those with objections to the views being presented were put on notice prior to the start of speeches, to leave if they simply intended to disrupt proceedings.

The first address came from Chris Newman, who warned of what he said was Islam’s hidden goal to impose Sharia law upon Australia and make its residents subservient, likening Islam to a “Trojan Horse”.

“Our neighbourhood communities are at risk,” Mr Newman said.

  • Gary

    I’ll do one better.
    As long as there are dolts in the Human Rights Commissions that can be played for suckers by islamists, we will see this death-cult continue to be given equal status to a religion and spread sharia law in the guise of a harmless minority group wanting to Practise their faith and core tenets.

    • Petey

      Well, Ontario is done for.

  • paluma

    Kawana is a bikini town.
    What does that say?

    They’re infesting Aussie foot holds.

  • Dana Garcia

    There’s nothing “hidden” about their big sharia goals. They are quite open about plans for conquest through immigration.

    • Brett_McS

      Exactly; it’s the media that does the hiding.

      • Just a thought

        And the politicians

  • Censored_often

    The future women in Canada everywhere, even at the beach or swimming pool, assuming unmarried women will be permitted there under federal sharia law:

    • Justin St.Denis

      Stop it! Pictures like this make me get “puffy” on frisky Spring mornings!

    • Gary

      I was at a Public pool near Sunnyside in the West beaches and there was a women in Black that was allowed to escort the child into the pool area and watch them.
      Forget about the SIGNS for everyone else that no street clothes are allowed and that everyone must shower.

      How odd that this person with such high Modesty values can not expose skin in public but is OK with going to a public pool where boys teens and men have speedo’s , and that young women are near naked around their little girls they brought.

      This had nothing to do with wanting to swim , there was a huge beach front and kiddie’s splash pool steps away. This was just another member of the Master-Race showing us that THEY don’t have to obey our rules or laws.
      Toronto has gone nuts because the Pool post warning signs about any Camera device around the Poll or in the change area to protect children.
      But I was in the change room once when a man brought in a girl about 8-9 years old so he could get a locker and change, but the girl look scared as naked men walked around and boys her age were undressing.

      Why the hell have rules because that Women in Black
      could have been a man wanting to get in to see naked kids or naked women by using the little girl for access to the women’s change area.