Forget Geneva: the real US-Iran carve-up is happening in Iraq

We stood on a bleak hillside in eastern Iraq looking at a makeshift grave. It held a dozen Shia Arabs, according to the Kurdish troops escorting us. The dead were men, women and children murdered by fighters from the so-called Islamic State as they retreated, said the Kurds. We stepped gingerly around scraps of women’s clothing and a bone poking out through the dirt. In the town on the dusty plain below, Shi’ite militias were busy taking revenge on Sunnis, our escorts said, looting and killing. The town’s Sunni Arab population had fled to a miserable camp. Streams of sewage ran between their tents. But they wouldn’t go home, they said, until the militias left, replaced by the army.

They may be there a while. The Iraqi army is weak and the government continues to rely on Shi’ite militias paid for and ultimately directed by Iran.

  • ontario john

    Wars in the middle east have become conflicts between one bat shit crazy islamic group against another bat shit crazy islamic group or groups, with Christians being killed or persecuted by both. And in Canada like the rest of the West, we won’t recognize that the problem is islam itself. But I’m sure Mulcair when he becomes prime minister will never recognize this basic problem. The media is already promoting him. CTV is promoting all morning the W5 show tonight on the saviour of Canada, Thomas Mulcair.

    • Until they get their heads on straight about Islam we are sunk.

  • Linda1000

    I don’t agree with Canada becoming and/or extending it’s involvement in Iraq beyond what we have done so far. Why repeat another Afghanistan or U.S. in Iraq for wasted expense and Cdn. military lives for absolutely no good outcome. Assist the Kurds but let the other killing jihadis have at it. Eventually, like the Iran/Iraq war, they will maybe figure out they have to stop killing each other. Islam has been killing and warmongering for 1400 years without change so nothing will all of a sudden stop it now.