EU totally unprepared for Islamic tsunami

Between half a million to a million Muslim refugees and infiltrators will flood the shores of Italy and the European Union, the official in charge of the EU’s borders has estimated.

He says there is a need to prepare, but it’s clear that the “European Union,” which continues to destroy Europe’s nation states step by step, has absolutely no ability to prepare for this influx, and for the millions which will arrive in the coming years.

The EU thought it was a fortress which is immune to the troubles of the world, and is now realizing, anxiously, that this fortress has been completely breached. The moment an infiltrator penetrates the fortress through the sea, he is free to continue to any country in the EU according to the Schengen Agreement.

The Islamic State controls part of eastern Libya, mainly the city of Sirte, and at least two seaports. In other words, the Islamist organizations’ dream of obtaining an exit in the Mediterranean Sea has already been fulfilled, and ISIS or other organizations will punish Europe by flooding it with millions of refugees.

What Hamas failed to obtain in Gaza, an independent seaport in the Mediterranean Sea, ISIS has succeeded to obtain in Libya…

h/t EoZ

  • Censored_often

    The immigration jihad to Europe and NA and even SA in smaller numbers continues non-stop. ISIS is simply the most aggressive virus of the cancer of Islam to infect and infest once free and relatively prosperous regions of the earth. The satanic menace of Islam is spreading faster now thanks to the Left and ISIS and more. Is this possible to turn around at all?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It’s too late for Europe. While invading women fill the maternity wards, Indigenous European women fill the abortion clinics.

  • tom_billesley

    The Schengen Area does not cover all of the EU. Both UK and Ireland opted out and are not obliged to join. There will doubtless be pressure on the UK to take some invaders regardless, and the encampments near Calais will continue.

  • Take a 1,400 year view of Islam. It is quite clear. Islam has been expanding with almost not setbacks.

    Within Islam, there is nothing but chaos. Every Muslim country is a hell hole.

    How in the hell can the PC European “elites” be so blind. They should be strung up for treason.

  • WalterBannon


  • Ghost of Ed

    That’s what happens when you open the castle doors from the inside.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Europe = Yesterday’s Continent

  • mobuyus

    This clutter of death cultists in the street could be cleaned up with a couple of Rock-Eyes.

    • Petey

      Whenever I see photos of their rallies I think the same thing, “Nice target.”

      • Gary

        Yes, and how sad if some people just happened to be coming home from shopping and spilled about 5 bags of Bacon-bits before these quranimals were to show up.
        It would be interesting to go into a no-go zone with a vinyl jacket smeared with bacon grease and let these thugs push you around and tough the jacket and then leave.
        Three months later you go to media and expose this trick that was going on for all that time along with bacon bits on the ground, either they go nuts that they can’t be martyr’s or they no longer touch anyone coming in to their no-go zones.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    There will come a time when the Europeans realize what they have done to themselves.

  • Dana Garcia

    I blame America to a degree.

    By protecting them with our armed forces for decades after WWII, Washington allowed Euros to think national security didn’t require any effort. They developed into a bunch of whiny teenagers, complaining about US weapons that kept them safe. Now they are clueless pacifists who are flummoxed by invasion.

  • Gary

    Muslim women in france now has a nice little scam to get into canada as Refugees.
    They claim they fear for their lives because of the Niqaq ban , so Canada just lets them in and during the process these women pump out little jihad -joe’s to assure their stay here with a Canadian baby.

  • cmh

    Likewise Canada

  • Hard Little Machine

    They are entirely prepared for it. They want to die screaming in a holocaust.