Are ISIS earning MORE than $2billion a year?

A new study of the Islamic State’s finances has revealed previous that estimates suggesting the terror group earns $2billion every year could be far too low.

ISIS’ finance chief Sheikh Abu Saad al-Ansari – who operates from ISIS’ Iraqi stronghold Mosul – is understood to have recently approved the terror group’s first annual budget – revealing and estimated spend of $2 billion this year, plus a expected surplus of $250 million.

The budget suggests ISIS’ annual income could be as much a quarter of a billion dollars more than experts previously suggested – with the bulk of the terror group’s revenue coming from oil sales, organ harvesting, ransom and extortion payments, and the looting and sale of ancient antiquities.

If the revised figure is accurate, it means ISIS’ annual income now exceeds that of Al Qaeda – making the terror group lead by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the wealthiest jihadi organisation in history.

  • FactsWillOut

    ISIS is administering a region of over 2.5 million people.
    Iraq has a GDP/capita of about $14 000.
    Syria is at about $4500.
    Taking the Syrian GDP/capita numbers, and a 10% tax rate , that makes for
    $1 125 000 000.

    Exactly half of what the alleged budget contains.
    I think they’re probably grossing closer to 4 billion.
    At 200 000 members, that makes for an annual average net expenditure of 20 000/member.

  • I’m not so sure I would call it “earned”.