A baby called Somme

On 20 March 1917, a baby girl was born in Northfleet, Kent, and given a name heavy with history

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    How odd the bbc would write such a significant article …considering her father would be turning over in his grave if he were able to see what politicians have done to Britannia.

    • It is perverse.

      • Petrilia

        I rarely disagree with BCF but this name Somme has given her point of pride lo these many years. Indeed, just today, I stopped to think about and remember all those boys from this area who fought there, and those who died. At our eternal flame, the vandals who destroy it, we make sure it is always burning. I honour the father and the mother who gave Somme the name. From the story, she honoured the name.

        • Guest

          I certainly agree, my point was that the UK is but a shadow of former self despite those who gave their all. I’m sure Tiny Somme Gray considers herself fortunate and is patriotic to the core and well she should. God bless the Queen and all Tiny Somme Grays.

          • Petrilia

            It is true that the UK is a shadow of its former self. I am happy you agree that children named from those battles should be held high and celebrated. Even if they are 90, she must have fought her own battles. She must be so proud for what her parents gave her. I am so proud for her, working sith old people, they like to know that their life has been important. And it has. WW2 was not just soldiers, it was everyone, ruined all their lives, but made them stronger. I can give you a good cake recipe from that time if you like, using hardly any ingredients. Would suit today’s Puritans very well. I have never heard a problem with gluten from WW2.

        • My point was that the BBC was perverse not the name.

      • Petrilia

        As I said earlier, children were named for battles, not a lot, but sometimes. Alcase Lorraine was called on to answer a question..It was normal in the 1920s. Not perverse.

        • My point was that the BBC was perverse, not the name.

  • Petrilia

    Tut Tut. My darling Auntie went to school with a girl called Alsace-Lorraine after a terrible battle he had survived. She was proud of her name and her schoolmates treated her with respect. I think having her name added as Somme has made her very special over these years. Why wouldn’t it?

    • Frances

      There were also a fair few Lorrainesa named during WW II. My class had three.

  • bob e

    the word has a deadly beauty to it .. i don’t know ..
    mebbe’ they should have named her “hiroshima” ..