‘Yet another failure for our progressive Central Planners’: Vox explains why Los Angeles ban on fast food didn’t work

Remember the 2008 ban on new fast food restaurants in Los Angeles that was supposed to herald in an era of healthy eating and lower obesity rates?

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  • Hard Little Machine

    They should try what Stalin tried and just starve 5 million people to death. You can’t more centrally planned liberal than that.

  • Dana Garcia

    When the lecture comes on about X food is bad for you, the mind normally focuses on “What’s for lunch?” So you want a burger ASAP.

    My mother used to gain weight on diets because she was thinking about food all the time.

  • Sharkibark

    There was probably an element of binge eating involved as well. If you know that you can get something anytime you want – you’re more restrained in your cravings for it. When deprived of a usual staple, or it’s available only at intermittent times it’s nature to overindulge or binge.

    It’s why a rat in a skinner box will press the lever for food only when it’s hungry if a pellet comes every time… but if the pellet only comes randomly the rat will press the lever compulsively and overeat.

  • Surele Surele

    Hey, you! Yes, you! Stay away from my Big Mac and fries and nobody gets hurt.