Stoned to death for doubting Witchcraft Benedict Daswa is set to become southern Africa’s first saint

A primary school head teacher in the Limpopo, who was stoned to death after publicly doubting the power of witchcraft, is set to become southern Africa’s first saint.

The brutal killing of Benedict Daswa went more or less unnoticed in the violent final years of apartheid.

“There was a lot of violence and killings for political purposes,” said Patrick Slattery, the former bishop of Tzaneen.

But as the years passed, Mr Daswa’s name did not fade in the Limpopo.

Catholics kept commemorating his death and held a procession to the scene of his murder on the 10th anniversary in February 2000.

Now Pope Francis has approved the beatification of Mr Daswa, a former herder and father of eight, a major step on the path to sainthood.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The part that kind of got glossed over in this story.

    “In November 1989, storms plagued the area not seen as a natural phenomenon. When his village suffered strong storms in January 1990, the elders decided that they occurred due to magic and thus demanded a tax from all their residents to pay for magic to counter the storms. Daswa refused to believe this and said they were just a natural phenomenon and that he wasn’t paying anything to support anti-Christian superstition.

    In February, Daswa found his path blocked by fallen trees and he was ambushed by a mob. As a result of this confrontation, he was beaten, clubbed over the head and stabbed to death with boiling water poured over him after he was attacked. His final words were, “God, into Your hands receive my spirit”.”

    • Now that’s faith.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Yeah, most certainly.
        It also highlights that the real forces that animate the worst of African depravity are usually money and power, a trait that predates any colonialism.
        The ‘noble savage’ myth takes another knock to the head!

    • DMB

      This sounds a lot like the man made climate change scam that many so called scientists and politicians are trying to push on us and con us into paying a carbon tax.

  • He wouldn’t be the first African saint but he would be one of many who refused to cave into utter nonsense and depravity.

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    How was the Vatican supporting him or more importantly his ideal that the existence of witchcraft was lunacy ? … Perhaps much like how the Vatican operates today with respect to the tens of thousands of innocents being slaughtered while His Holiness dines with dignitaries quite literally pontificating on the state of affairs … crickets. Shameful or shameless ?