Muslim immigration is ‘Trojan horse’ invasion, Belgian MP tells Ukip audience

Maybe I don’t want to the streets of my country looking like this — and that’s just for starters. Photo shows how women appear in public in Saudi Arabia

A Belgian MP has told a Ukip conference that Muslims are staging a “Trojan horse”-style invasion of Europe.

Speaking to Ukip members in Blackpool on Saturday, Aldo Carcaci, an MP for the right-wing Belgian People’s party, said that “Muslim immigration from across the Mediterranean is getting totally out of proportion”.

In an audio recording obtained by the Guardian, Carcaci can be heard saying: “It is not immigration, it’s invasion. Europe is totally inefficient in tackling it.”

After his speech, he was heard telling people attending the Ukip North West conference: “It’s an invasion, it’s a Trojan horse … It is for us, we are in the end of civilisation. Because if we continue to accept the Muslim immigration, for us, it’s a big problem”…

And the problem is?

  • pop

    The gates open, invasion easy.

    Congratulations eurabia.

  • Petey

    One thing about Sharia here in Ontario, it would eliminate the Wynne problem. As in, straight off the nearest tallest building eliminate. Islamic law does not equivocate about homosexuality.

    • Sharkibark

      That’s what I truly don’t get is the silence by gay activists and feminists and free speech advocates – why they are mostly silent on the issue of Sharia. They are so quick to want a Christian baker out of business for not baking a gay wedding cake (the horror!) but muslims hanging gays from backhoes or throwing them off buildings? It’s like “Whatever….”

      • Seneca III

        The last things the Lemmings will do as they throw themselves off of the final cliff is to turn to us non-Lemmings and say “Why did you let us do this to ourselves, we just didn’t understand!?”

        The answer of we non-Lemmings should be appropriate and to the point – “Jump you useless bastards, we’ve got work to do and no time to listen to your pointless protestations as we exterminate the barbarians you enabled here. Have a pleasant, self righteous and introspective journey, short though it may be. Inshallah.”

        • Petey

          Well, that certainly states things in plain language. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Barrington Minge

    Invasion of the bag-heads..incompatible with civilised society

  • johnny rogers

    Run Frodo, run! they are looking for you!