Mehdi Hasan: Taking Islam Out Of The Islamic State

Efforts to stem worldwide recruitment by the terrorist group calling itself the Islamic State have added urgency to the debate over the role of religion as a motivator of violent extremism.

Mehdi Hasan, a presenter for Al Jazeera English, takes down a controversial article in The Atlantic Monthly by Graeme Wood that claimed ISIS is indeed Islamic.

In his article in the New Statesman called, “How Islamic is Islamic State?” Hasan argues that focusing on the internal factors that motivate “terrorists” misses the point because it ignores relevant external factors that motivate people…

…“Are they relying on words of the Qur’an? Clearly they are cherry-picking words of the Qur’an. Clearly they are using Islamic language. Why wouldn’t they? It’s an effective recruiting agent. They are in a region of the world where people take faith seriously. So if you want to attract people to you cause you say it’s holy. You say its Islamic”…

Audio interview at the link. Mehdi Hasan is a well-known apologist for Islam.