Join the JDL…for a meeting regarding “Christian Replacement Theology”

Join the JDL…2nd URGENT MEETING regarding “Christian Replacement Theology”

Monday – March 23, 2015

7:30 PM Toronto Zionist Centre 788 Marlee Ave., Toronto, ON.

At this 2nd meeting, we will feature another video that will explain the motivation of the individuals and the groups behind this campaign to demonize the Jewish people and assault the State of Israel.


Please plan to attend this very important strategy meeting.

JDL Canada is committed to travel to Vancouver in order to protest the conference and raise awareness to this perverted ideology that is being promoted by dangerous people who seek to ignore and re-write history.

You can help and support this trip by making a contribution through the crowd-funding link below.


Here is an article that appeared earlier this year in FRONTPAGE Magazine regarding SABEEL and its supporters.


  • cmh

    JDL please come to Winnipeg to protest and expose American hate monger Cornell West as he spews his filthy, anti Semitic rant to University of Winnipeg students in a scheduled ‘lecture’ on May 8th. Because West is a known supporter of the Canadian Government terrorist designated group Hamas he should not even be allowed across the border.

  • Rosenmops

    Oh look, the Vancouver conference is co-sponsored by the United Church of Canada.

    And this idiot, a United Church minister, is speaking at the even:

     The Rev. Carmen Lansdowne
     Doctoral research in decolonizing indigenous histories,
    Heiltsuk First Nation, B.C.

    She claims to belong to Heiltsuk First Nations but she looks white to me. Fauxcahantus.