Iraq mission a matter of ‘moral clarity’ for Canada, foreign affairs minister says

Extending Canada’s military mission in Iraq is a matter of “moral clarity” that all political parties should support, Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson says. In a carefully crafted speech to foreign diplomats on Thursday, Mr. Nicholson‎ set out the Conservative government’s case for boosting Canada’s role in the U.S.-led coalition. He argued that Islamic State extremists present a danger to the region and a direct threat to Canada and its allies that could grow quickly if it’s left unchecked.

…“He will ask them to support our government’s operation to degrade and destabilize this gang of thugs, and in doing so, strip ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] of its power to threaten the security of the region or to launch terrorist operations in Canada,” Mr. Nicholson said.


Hmmm… Let’s see…  a quick and dirty list of reasons why we shouldn’t

Christians, Yazidis etc are near toast already, this extension won’t save them.

I have little faith in our “Muslim Allies” on any matter.

Iran has been given virtual carte blanche in Iraq.

Airstrikes alone won’t defeat ISIS.

The Islamic world already hates us, whether we’re in or out of Iraq won’t save us from future acts of domestic Muslim diversity.

ISIS is in Canada already. It’s called Islam.

Unless the world is ready to take out all the Muslim terror states in one fell swoop it’s a no go for me.

Until our government is willing to declare a moratorium on Muslim immigration, it’s a non-starter.

This is a Muslim civil war, let them have at it.

  • Guest

    Obie didn’t sign XL. US foundations are funding eco & anti CANADIAN oil & gas development, US Democrats aiding LPOC get elected. Again, interfering in a foreign electoral process.

    “Friends” like these, we don’t need enemies, or our cooperation on anything. We have no interests in Syria or Iraq, Iran or Lebanon. We had interests in Libya, but after US and European interference there, those interests are pretty much gone.

  • What a hell hole.

    The Western powers should help the non-Muslims avoid extermination at the hands of the Muslims.

    But, we should also get the hell out of the way and let the Muslims kill each other.

    When a winner is decided, we should carpet bomb them.

    Western policy should be quite clear: We reserve the right to destroy any “non-governmental” military force anywhere it exists. And, any government supporting the “non-governmental” military force will be treated the same.

  • winniec

    Islam makes it a very complex world because Islamic morals are purely opportunistic. ‘Moral clarity’ is hard come by when most Islamic governments are so hideously corrupt and opposed to human rights. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to fight the jihadists ‘there’ rather than ‘here’.
    The Islamic sects will have to be pulled apart and the borders redrawn so that they can all have their own sectors or countries. Sharing isn’t possible between fanatics.

    • I want to fight them there. This mission however is to little to accomplish much long term good.

  • David

    Well you’ve got the commenters at the globe on your side.

  • john s

    The yazidis etc are near toast already so screw them? Really? That’s a bit harsh if you ask me.

    • FactsWillOut

      Fighting ISIS = military aid to Iran.

  • just a thought

    “Moral clarity?” – Sounds like they are channeling John Kerry.
    CYup, Cear as mud.

  • Jay Currie

    Staying away from the inevitable Shia/Sunni meat grinder makes a ton of sense. Providing training to Iraqi forces – and I use the term loosely – may make limited sense diplomatically but will make little difference tactically. Flying missions is useful in so far as it kills members of IS.

    The history of the region is endless slaughter. With modern weapons the slaughter can be amped up to genocide. My suggestion is to cut Iraq and Syria off from the West completely: no travel, no trade, no immigration except proven Christian and pagan victims. Support the Kurds drive for independence, support Israel as a civilised state. Maintain a wary neutrality towards the rest of the regional players and, for Heavens sake, stop immigration from places like Somalia and Pakistan and Yemen – there is no reason to go looking for trouble.

    • FactsWillOut

      Modern weapons were and are not necessary for genocide.
      The Greeks did it in the bronze age, and the Muslims did it before 1300 AD.

  • FactsWillOut

    I fully agree.
    We should end all diplomatic and trade ties to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Turkey, etc.
    We should only support secular leaders in the region, like Assad, Sisi, Bibi, etc.
    Sadly, the west has done more to enable jihadists than stop them.
    Our “allies”, the “moderate” rebels in Syria are Al-Qaeda.
    NATO and the west gave Libya and Iraq to jihadists, and Kosovo to Muslims, same with the Ivory Coast, and did nothing to support secularism in Iran when given the chance.
    Western leaders are also busy giving the west itself to Islam, in the form of immigration.
    The entire Western leadership is a much greater danger than a bunch of inbred savages.

  • FactsWillOut

    So, should we make a betting pool?
    I bet that taking out ISIS will somehow involve taking out Assad.
    Any takers?