In Video, Obama Appeals to Iranian Youth on Nuclear Deal #desperate #sad

How addle brained is Obama? He mentions Iran’s non-existent fatwa against Nuclear Arms as if it were true.

WASHINGTON — Two weeks after Senate Republicans issued a letter to the Iranian leadership warning that any nuclear agreement Iran signs with the administration may be temporary, President Obama has issued a missive of his own: A video directed at Iran’s young people, urging them to pressure their leaders to accept the deal on the table.

Wow. This is sad.

You can read a full transcript here.

  • tom_billesley

    “Peace in our my time”.

    • More like Hey! My Iranian Pals! What Pieces do you want?

  • David Murrell

    I realize Cat you graciously want to give space to the other side. However, I will have to take a pass on watching the Bozo one here. The sun has finally come out, after days of snow storms here in Fredericton. I want to stay happy and optimistic on a nice Friday.

  • Obama is a closet Muslim. He has consistently played the Muslim card in office.

    Anything he says about Islam is taqiyya tripe.

    He should be tried for treason and put in jail.

    Thanks for the change – dems.

    • He is a bad president. Period.

      • John

        Yeah he is…but I heard he once successfully organised a bake sale.

        • Clausewitz

          I somehow doubt that.

  • edlancey

    Now let me be perfectly unclear…

  • Hard Little Machine

    That was clearly aimed not at Iran but as the US media.

  • John

    Incredibly stupid. He’s wishing Iranians a happy Persian New Year.
    Nowroz has been subjected to sustained attacks by the Mullahs for centuries in an effort to stamp it out. So if you’re an Iranian celebrating this wonderful pre-Islamic Persian festival, I doubt very much you’d either be a fan of the régime OR Obama’s efforts to cosy up to it.
    This administration never does its homework.

  • JoKeR