‘He was just a shy, lonely young man’: Jihad Jake’s father

“Family and friends had initially believed it was all a hoax, with former classmates struggling to believe it was the same kid they sat next to at school.

Jake, who acted under his assumed name Abu Abdullah al-Australi, was an apparently normal Australian student studying for his Year 12 exams just one year ago, brought up as an atheist.

What else was he raised on?


  • Exile1981


  • Surele Surele

    they all are.

  • John

    All he needed was a girlfriend to draw him out of his shell.

    Sad really because who knows what he might have become or done later in life

    • Minicapt

      On the other hand, perhaps his death did mark his peak performance.


  • Mark

    Soccer fans will be the death of society yet.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sometimes Islam is a little chlorine in the gene pool.

  • andrew john almady

    the little punk is no great loss for the human gene pool