CBC’s tabloid TV: Your $1 billion pays for junk “documentaries”

Ezra Levant for TheRebel.media asks: Why is the CBC using your tax dollars to air an American documentary about a billionaire couple building a mega-mansion?

You won’t believe the other documentaries scheduled to air on “The Passionate Eye” — none of which contain a hint of Canadian content.

All they have in common seems to be a slant towards mocking other countries, particularly America.

  • Justin

    why doesn’t someone close down this f-ckin CBC?
    Are Canadians that dumb to spend a billion dollars on a TV that airs
    such junk documentaries?

    • Exile1981

      Unfortunately the left uses CBC as a PR division and does not want it shut down. They claim that loosing the CBC would be a loss of Canadian Culture and the idiots believe them.

  • The Goat

    Who needs documentaries about the Magna Carta when there are trannies you can parade on television.