Australia: “Happily Never After” Latest Artwork To Be Banned By Busy Bodies Lest It Offend Muslims

Thirroul bride artwork ban stays

A Thirroul artist has lost his bid to reinstate a work banned from an arts festival on grounds it could breach council hire venue rules about “community expectations … discrimination, racial vilification or defamation”.

Richard Perin’s mannequin bride, with red-taped hands and what appears to be a niqab covering the face, was removed from Thirroul library and community centre about midday on Friday – seven hours before it was to have been placed on public display at the official opening of the Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival.

The Mercury has obtained internal correspondence from a manager within the council, showing the work was banned after a council staffer warned festival organisers its display could breach a condition of the venue hire agreement.

“The … festival committee, when considering whether or not to include the art work, asked one of my staff members her opinion and she said that if the committee had agreed to exhibit the work, it could be in breach of council’s conditions of hire,” the manager wrote.

In the correspondence, the manager points to paragraph 38 of the conditions, which guards against activities that “show bias against any ethnic group or breach state or federal legislation regarding discrimination, racial vilification or defamation”.

The sad thing is that no Muslims complained about this art. It appears to have been censored by well meaning busy bodies.

Now I can understand the organizers fears of Muslim reaction, they riot at the drop of a Mohammed, but this is just surrender.


h/t Suze