Another blow to Christianity and civilisation: ISIS destroy 4th Century Mar Benham monastery in Iraq

Barbaric Islamic State militants have dealt yet another blow to Christian history in Iraq by using explosives to destroy the 4th Century Mar Benham monastery.

The ancient building, built by Assyrian king Senchareb 1,600 years ago, stood in the Christian-dominated town of Bakhdida, just 20 miles south east of oil rich ISIS stronghold Mosul.

Locals took to social media to share images of the massive blast, which reduced the ancient monastery to little more than vast piles of rubble.

The attack was later confirmed by Kurdish journalists familiar with developments in the city…

  • UCSPanther

    The wheels of justice are slow to turn, but they are unstoppable when they start. The Islamic State will learn the hard way when their number comes up and they have to answer for all the unholy horror, death and desecration that they have wrought…