White House to force Benjamin Netanyahu in UN resolution peace talks on Palestine

The White House is reportedly considering a new power play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would paint Benjamin Netanyahu into a corner just days after his stunning come-from-behind victory in his country’s hotly contested elections.

In the final days of campaigning, Netanyahu vowed in an historic U-turn that his government would never agree to the creation of a Palestinian state. But now President Barack Obama is contemplating using the United Nations as a trump card to force the issue.

Under a plan outlined by Foreign Policy magazine, the U.S. State Department would ease away from decades of opposition to a Security Council resolution demanding peace talks and a final rapprochement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority…

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Angered by Netanyahu’s shock campaign pledge to block the creation of a Palestinian state, the White House warned the foundation of its policy for backing Israel had been undermined.

The United States — a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council — has frequently opposed moves at the UN to recognize a Palestinian state…