White House to force Benjamin Netanyahu in UN resolution peace talks on Palestine

The White House is reportedly considering a new power play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would paint Benjamin Netanyahu into a corner just days after his stunning come-from-behind victory in his country’s hotly contested elections.

In the final days of campaigning, Netanyahu vowed in an historic U-turn that his government would never agree to the creation of a Palestinian state. But now President Barack Obama is contemplating using the United Nations as a trump card to force the issue.

Under a plan outlined by Foreign Policy magazine, the U.S. State Department would ease away from decades of opposition to a Security Council resolution demanding peace talks and a final rapprochement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority…

Related: White House: US ‘to reevaluate’ backing for Israel at UN Washington (AFP) – The White House on Thursday raised the prospect of withdrawing crucial diplomatic cover for Israel at the United Nations, following Benjamin Netanyahu’s divisive election victory.

Angered by Netanyahu’s shock campaign pledge to block the creation of a Palestinian state, the White House warned the foundation of its policy for backing Israel had been undermined.

The United States — a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council — has frequently opposed moves at the UN to recognize a Palestinian state…

  • JoKeR

    But Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry have a plan!

    • Reader

      Obama is no friend of Canada either, though with us he only tries to undermine us economically.

  • Ron MacDonald

    American Jews should be ashamed of themselves for supporting and voting Democrat.

  • Dana Garcia

    I don’t understand Obama’s hand sign in the cartoon. Is that some diverse expression meaning F U twice?

    • Martin B

      I’d say it’s two fingers for the two state solution.

      This is what Israel gets for being a friend of America.

      • Dana Garcia

        So is Bibi advocating a non-two state with his single middle finger?

        You may be right, though.

    • It’s the F salute in Britain.

      • Clausewitz

        Actually the V for Victory sign goes back to when Britain fought the French with longbow men, and killed off the majority of French Knights. After that when the Frogs took archery prisoners they would cut off their pulling fingers for the bow. The Brits after that would then give them the two fingered salute showing them that they could still draw a bow and were about to kill the poor French Ponsie Bastards.

  • Martin B

    If you searched across the length and breadth of the United States, you would not find a 12-year-old who is a more vindictive petulant brat than President Obama.

  • Joel

    If you want to know how Ian Smith felt ask Benjamkn Netanyahu.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The UN has passed these resolutions before and nothing came of them.

    • eMan14

      True, but didn’t the United States veto them?

  • Observer

    There are stories in the media that Obama is going to abuse the UN to try to force Israel to its pre-1967 borders but inside sources say what Obama really wants is for Israel to be put back to its pre-1948 borders.

    • Alain

      What Obama and his fellow travellers want is for Israel to cease to exist. It is way past time for Israel to form other alliances; otherwise it will be national suicide by a million paper cuts.

  • Israel should withdraw from the UN and so should we.

  • bob e

    i do not understand why israel does not drop the dime on barry o’fraud.
    they must have the dirt on this phony.

  • Hard Little Machine

    When Iran goes nuclear and Obama personally presses for them to be given a permanent UN Security Council seat with veto power themselves, what will be left of the ‘relationship’ with Israel.Face it – Obama is out to propagate another Holocaust and just like the liberal Jews were prostrate in worship to FDR while they knew what was happening in Europe, the liberal Jews this time won’t behave any differently.