We must listen to Trevor Phillips and his inconvenient truths about race

If you want to understand the full loopiness and intellectual dishonesty of multiculturalism, just talk to my friend Adam, who lectures in African history.

“At least that’s progress,” I said to Adam about one notably dysfunctional African country. “Getting more girls into school is progress, isn’t it?”

“I’m not allowed to use the word ‘progress’,” he said. “I’d be sacked if I called it ‘progress’.”


“Because it would imply that the culture that was there already needed improvement.”

  • winniec

    A man with powers of clear observation and the courage to say ‘the emperor has no clothes’.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Although I appreciate his thoughts, the only reason he can say them is because he’s black, and the only reason they will be printed without the accompanying lefty dog whistle calls for career ending denouncement, is also because he is black.
      You can find just as penetratingly insightful observations at SBPDL, but since those things are said by a white man, then he’s just another racist.

      • Very true, look at what happened to Nigel Farage for his recent remarks about Multicult.

  • Editor

    Pretty much every leftist idea since the late ’50s has been detrimental to society and cultural marxism (political correctness) is one of the most dangerous. It tries to prohibit discussion about any of these ideologies

  • Editor

    It’s also somewhat reassuring to see one of the architects of Britain’s mindless PC culture, as head of the EHRC, backtrack and question this “multiculturalism and community cohesion” nonsense. Hindsight is 20/20 Mr Phillips’ innit?