Tunisia: Muslim Terrorists Achieved Multicultural Murder Mayhem

According to Tunisian authorities, 23 people were killed, including the two gunmen. However, some of the countries involved have given different totals. The dead include:

  • At least three Tunisians, including a police officer involved in the security operation
  • Five Japanese were killed, according to Mr Essid – although Japan says it has only confirmed the deaths of three citizens
  • Four Italians
  • Two Colombians
  • Two Spaniards
  • One national each from the UK, Australia, France and Poland
  • At least one national who has not been identified
  • winniec

    Jihadists: We do believe in equality…we hate everybody!

  • Hard Little Machine

    The New York Times suspects the Jews are behind this……?

  • Islam thrives on chaos.

    This terror attack will devastate the Tunisian tourist business. And leave thousands without work.

    The Mullahs will claim the only solution is pure Islam.

    Islam is a race to the bottom.

    • It will hurt, but I am a little surprised by the subdued reaction to this latest atrocity by the world’s press.

      It seems mass killings by Islamists are just a routine part of the news cycle or is it because it happened in a foreign country, or more specifically Tunisia the country the western press hails as the success of the ‘Arab Spring”

      • luna

        Boys will be boys.