Toulouse courthouse sacked: “The prophet will judge you”

“I first saw this story a few days ago but later could not find anything about it. Today I see that François Desouche has a link to an article at Atlantico:

It’s just a news item, so to speak, that nobody, or almost nobody, talks about. And yet, it is particularly serious. For the first time since France was hit by a series of destructive, racist and antisemitic attacks, a judicial building has become the target of a sack, carried out in due form. It took place at the Administrative Tribunal of Toulouse, where four floors of magistrates’ and clerks’ offices were literally vandalized, apparently during the weekend of March 8-9.

Monday morning (March 9) around 6:30 a.m., the firemen were called in because of water damage. They were stunned. The building was flooded. Clearly, during the night, all the faucets in the building were deliberately left on. The water flowed for hours, destroying floors and false ceilings…

h/t Uriasposten

Since I began following French blogs I have noted several instances where court houses, even police stations have been literally laid siege to in various culturally vibrant neighborhoods.

What struck me initially was that such instances of violent Muslim diversity received at best a minor mention even in the regional press.

While the usual politically correct censorship by the mainstream media is partly to blame I have come to suspect that such occurrences are very likely considered the new normal in France and hey, there’s only so much space in the paper.

As I have no doubt too often noted to you all, look to Europe, our future is unfolding before your eyes.


  • Jay Currie

    The Euros are trying really, really hard to pretend that none of this is happening. The Euro establishment and the left infused media keep these sorts of attacks along with rape statistics as hidden as possible.

    Why they do that is interesting. Many senior politicians have admitted that multkulti is not working. But they have stopped well short of considering the implications of a hostile population “inside the gates”. A fifth column to quote Farage.

    So long as Euro politicians (and our own) continue to believe Islam is primarily a religion rather that a political cult they will have no choice but to ignore these overtly political attacks.

    Europe is screwed and it only has a few years to take the serious measures required to be unscrewed beginning with halting all immigration and asylum from Islamic strong holds for several years, likely a decade. Exceptions might be made for displaced ME Christians but a long pause is critical if Europe hopes to get a handle on the problem.

    Then Europe needs to follow the Norwegian example and set ever increasing targets for the deportation of Muslims (and other immigrants) engaged in crime.

    Finally, Europe needs to dial back it’s absurdly generous benefits system. Create a contribution based system for all immigrants with a three or five year wait period with a work requirement.

    It may not solve Europe’s Muslim problem but it may prevent it from getting any worse. (And Canada needs to do much the same thing.)

    But it all begins with treating Islam as a political cult rather than a religion. Get that right and the rest follows.

    • Well said Jay. However I believe they have surrendered and with despair I expect only bloodshed will ultimately solve Europe’s problem one way or another.

  • pdxnag

    Everybody must know by now that the solution to the problem of inherently and immutably violent Islam is to expel the Muslims (all of them), but are afraid to say this out loud. They are dumbstruck.

    Terror is also why Muslims, yes Muslims (albeit those who are Muslim in name only), remain silent in the face of horrible atrocities committed in the name of Islam by Muslims.