‘They opened up on anything that moved’: Tunisian guide describe terrifying moment ‘Islamists’ gunned down Westerners

A Tunisian tourist guide has told how he ‘stared death in the face’ as terrorists opened fire on his clients in an attack which left 22 dead, including 17 foreigners.

Local guide Walid was inside the Bardo National Museum museum when the gunmen shot 17 tourists dead as they exited cruise ship buses parked outside.

The gunmen, disguised as soldiers, then entered the museum and took 30 more tourists hostage before police swarmed the building and killed them in a shoot-out which also claimed an officer’s life. 


  • simus1

    Taking vacation on Med cruise ship a wonderful idea.
    Taking one that docks on , or even just comes close to North African coast, not so much.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Has the BBC blamed Israel yet? They will, they have to, it’s in the bylaws.

  • Gary

    Obama will say it is random Tourism violence to 22 Folks.

  • Brainwashed jihadis, killing for Allah.

    And the leftists get busy looking for another excuse.