Supreme Court rules Quebec infringed on Loyola High School’s religious freedom

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Supreme Court rules Quebec infringed on Loyola High School’s religious freedom

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Quebec infringed on the religious freedom of a Catholic high school in Montreal by requiring it to teach the province’s ethics and religious culture program.

But the high court was divided by a 4-3 margin on how to resolve the clash between religious freedom and the need to follow the secular law of the province.

  • David Murrell

    Today’s ruling will be: no Christian or Jewish thought allowed in schools; but human-rights-abusing Islam should be actively promoted in schools. This is what passes as moral decency in our (in)justice system.

    • It sure does at the TDSB.

      • Censored_often

        Yes, indeed, at the TDSB and the PDSB: the Taqiyya District School Board and the Palestinian District School Board.

  • MannieP

    Politically Correct Prayer in School

    Perhaps by Ryan Shaw?

    “Let’s quiet down, children. Now that we’ve finally gotten rid of that terrible Supreme Court decision, I can again lead you in prayer.

    “So children, let’s get ready for our morning prayer. Did everyone remember to bring their chicken?

    “Mary, where is your chicken? That’s all right, Mary. Don’t cry. As I told you yesterday, if you can’t afford a chicken, the school is required to provide one. I’ve got plenty of extra chickens up here by the prayer mats, meditation crystals and peyote buds. Did anyone else forget to bring their chicken?

    “As you know from your schedule, children, today I will lead you in a Santeria prayer. It’s a recognized, ancient religion. Now I know some of you have complained that many of these prayers don’t represent your beliefs. But remember, they do represent the sincere beliefs of many Americans. I promise you that eventually we will lead the class in a prayer representing your own religion.

    “But you’ll have to be patient. There are hundreds of Christian denominations with all sorts of beliefs in the United States. And there are hundreds more non-Christian religions recognized in America. If your religion isn’t on our list, just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s added. We don’t want to leave anyone out. That’s not the American way.

    “Be thankful.

    “Everyone knows that you have never been prevented from praying in school, but for years you were denied having teachers and principals lead you in prayer. You should be thankful.

    “Johnnie, I don’t know what you’re doing to that chicken, but stop it. You need to straighten up and be serious. This is important. If it were not important, then why did 224 Texas counties and 51 Texas cities go to the trouble to pass resolutions supporting the reinstatement of state- sponsored prayer in our public schools? I’ll tell you why, because lots and lots of people said the loss of state-sponsored prayers led to drug use, crime, violence, teenage pregnancy, dropouts, family disintegration, child-abuse, pornography, racism, poor academic achievement, overcrowded prisons and lots of other bad things.

    “Before we start, remember that tomorrow we will have a traditional Wicca prayer and we’ll try to cast a spell on the press. Remember to bring a lock of your mother’s hair.

    “Johnnie, keep that chicken quiet. What is it, Lucy? If you want me to tell you when I will lead you in a prayer of your religion, you’ll have to tell me what it is. You can’t look at someone and tell their personal beliefs. Unitarian?

    “What’s coming up . . .

    “Let’s see, coming up we have Christian Science, Amish, Tibetan Buddhism, Seventh-Day Adventist, Comanche, Zoroastrianism, Druze, Calvinist Baptist, Unification, Hasidism and Deliverance Pentacostal. That one should be interesting. I think that’s when you bring a rattlesnake and a cup of poison.

    “I don’t see it coming up right away, Lucy. Let’s see, we have the Reformed Druids of North America, American Vegan, Shanti Yoga, Evangelical Presbyterian, Baha’i World Faith, Gnostic Orthodox, House of Yahweh, Agasha Temple of Wisdom, Church of Metaphysical Christianity, Jain Meditation, Catholic Charismatic, People of Destiny, Branch Davidian, Coptic Fellowship, Church of Satan….

    “I don’t know, Lucy. It doesn’t look like Unitarian is coming up any time soon. But if we don’t lead you in a prayer of your own church or religion this year, the government requires that we lead you in a prayer of your religion at least once before you graduate. This way, it’s fair for everyone.

    “OK, kids, on the count of three, yank the heads off your chickens and I’ll start today’s prayer….”

  • Gary

    How about the Mosque in valley Park Public school on Friday where Imams spew hate at gays, jews and canada along with condoning misogyny under sharia law.

    Muslims love to play the victim but the new Stats for hate-crimes place them in Fourth which may infer that the islamists are causing the high rates for hate-crimes to Jews and the LBGT community.

    • Funny how that works.

    • Reader

      Don’t worry Siddiqui in the Toronto Star will reinterpret the statistics by claiming all the assaults are done by white supremacists and that the Muslim community doesn’t lay 99.99% of their complaints because they are afraid of the systemic racism in the Toronto Police Service.

      • count on it.

      • Gary

        Very true, I heard a rep from CAIR try to claim that only 10% of the racism gets reported . The feminists do the same thing and pad the numbers for misogyny.

  • ontario john

    Remember years ago when the leftists laughed and assured us that homosexual rights in the charter would not effect religion. Now even private Christian schools are being forced to accept liberal teachings, but of course islamic practices are ok. In another case of homosexual fascism I list this story under the heading, “The lunatics are running the asylum”. The transgender community in Toronto are upset at the mental hospital downtown because the hospital may be discouraging six and seven year olds from being transgender when they come in for mental health problems. I’m sure this problem will be solved as the new sex perversion course is in full swing in Ontario schools.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    religious “teaching”? wtf…Indoctrination and forced belief in Myth, as a required to be a cult member in good standing, and not be subject to group punishment.

    • Mohammad Pig

      Anal fisting penis poo rubber.

    • Carlos_Perera

      Projecting much, Raymond? If Christians actually hated homosexuals, they would want them to keep on practicing their perversions and stew in the consequences. And that applies to any other sort of sinful behavior; God defines what is sinful, not because He wants to pull our strings as if we were marionettes–He gives us free will to follow his commandments or not–but because sin is bad for us. Christian mores are the best guarantors of mental and physical health, as well as profound happiness in every sphere of life.

  • Edubeat

    Loyola won the case and the vote was 4-3 in favour of their petition (The Supremes – Love Child)

  • cmh

    4-3? That is a frightening number. We have an unelected group of feminist unknowns running our country. We almost lost this vote to these elitist divas…. make the SCC accountable, make it an election issue. The root of the problem is the Charter. Just like in Islam where the root of the problem is the Koran (a flawed document devoid of morality).