Pakistan the cradle of and committed to terrorism: security expert

Security and strategic affairs expert Commodore (retired) C Uday Bhaskar on Thursday said Pakistan is the ‘cradle’ of and is committed to terrorism, adding that if Islamabad were to sever its ties with extremist elements, then the security dynamics of South Asia would change.

“Pakistan being the focus of attention is not surprising. All the experts agree that Pakistan is both the cradle of terrorism, as well as being committed to terrorism. That was the point made by Home Minister Rajnath Singh – if Pakistan and the ISI stop supporting terror, then the whole security issue of South Asia will change. I think this was a very strong political message which was sent, especially since it comes after Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar has just finished his SAARC yatra,” Commodore Bhaskar told ANI.


And that’s why Pakistan remains a favourite of Citizenship & Immigration Canada. I guess.

  • P_F

    We can sum up the history & achievements of Pakistan in 2 sentence:
    1. Since it’s creation (1947) it has survived exclusively on foreign aid.
    2. It’s sole export has been terrorism.

    • But it built Nukes!

      • P_F

        pakis plagiarized the whole program from Netherland with the help of French govt., later Chinese helped them to built the facility by the money provided by CIA as a counter to Indian nuclear program.

        And don’t you think the sole purpose of acquiring nukes by Pakistan was to terrorize the rest of the world???

  • cmh

    The cradle of terrorism is the Koran, nothing else.