More reasonable than racist

Permit me today to make a modest proposal.

That is most of the 67% of Canadians surveyed in a recent Forum poll who believe niqab-wearing women should reveal their faces while taking the oath of citizenship, are not racists.

Certainly some of them are racists and are using their opposition to the niqab as a false flag for the fact that when all is said and done, they just hate Muslims.

But no more, I suspect, than are today condemning the surprise re-election of Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel as a false flag for the fact that when all is said and done, they just hate Jews.

  • DVult

    The niqab should be banned everywhere not just at citizenship ceremonies.

    • Exactly.

      There should be no apologies for cultures that work. A culture that subjugates women does not.

  • pop


  • pop

    They are not equal, that is a fantasy.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    They will continue to use the word “racist” for as long as it is useful to manipulate the public’s sympathy.

    • simus1

      The let will say anything and support any evil if it will help put them into power. Once they feel secure that they are in permanent control, their “friends” may be due for a rude awakening

  • ontario john

    Reports in the media today that thousands of Iranian women are secretly posting messages on walls etc protesting the requirement to cover their faces, yet this practice is some sort of human right here.

    • Linda1000

      Well …

  • moraywatson

    Islam is not a race. Opposing islam’s revolting political agenda is not racism.

  • Gary

    With the Hate-Crimes reports showing the highest % rate for Jews, and that muslims were only fourth on the list it proved that the islamists have played the Liberal progressives and Public Unions for suckers with the endless whines of islamophobia.
    The LGBT and Blacks beat out muslims for hate-crimes , and it’s no shock for me because of the overt jew-hatred in Toronto by islamic org.’s and that Barbara Hall , Wynne and the TDSB allowed a jew-hating Homophobic pro-sharia Mosque in the Valley Park Public School.
    Seems like not only is Wynne volunteering to be killed, but Barbara Hall fuels the hatred to justify having her job and paycheck $$$$$ at the HRC fighting the bigotry she caused.

    Take not of the 800+ pro-hamas jew-hater muslims that showed up at the rally in Calgary last year where a group of rabid savages broke off to attack a Jewish mother and her daughter as if these thugs were back in their Gaza hell-hole where they would be cheered on by co-savages.

    The Niqab is the new tactic by islamists to help fabricate hate-crimes and cry racism. Add this scam to the Imams that vandalize their own mosque and you have a pathetic bunch of malcontent losers playing the victim. It would be interesting to see if the muslimas reporting a hate-crime were victims of pro-sharia muslim men attacking them for NOT wearing the Hijab or Niqab .

    Isn’t it odd that the top 2 groups listed for hate crimes are the same ones in Sharia law and the quran that muslims are told to hate.

  • Linda1000

    Well, I demand to be allowed to appear topless (saggy tits and all) the next time I’m sworn in as a citizen or attend a parliamentary session. It’s part of my culture and religious belief called “Freedom” and it’s perfectly legal in Canada for women to go topless (already fought all the way to the SCofC). Inappropriate or bad taste in dress, that’s your opinion not mine.
    It’s absolutely outrageous we have to waste so much time discussing what kind of clothes to wear to a formal gov’t ceremony. If anyone does not want conform in a secular western country, then leave.

  • Tokenn

    I can accept that the niqab is worn as a symbol of Muslim piety. What I can’t accept is the absolute refusal to remove it for any reason or under any circumstances. That just seems pathological.

    I once had to deal at a reception desk with a woman wearing niqab. What was interesting was that she spoke perfect vernacular English…almost certainly raised and educated in Canada, if not born here. What possesses anyone like that to wear a mask? Then there was that Muslim woman whose husband had never seen here face, despite their having children together… Devout? Or just crazy?

  • Beleaguered

    If it is illegal in Mecca the birthplace of Islam how can it be racist ?

  • Why is it racist to expect to see someone’s face?