ISIS fighters relaxing in the Iraqi mountains as they take a temporary break from rape and massacre

Six holidaying jihadis are also seen sitting cross-legged in a semi-circle as they pose for photographs showing them reading the Koran while they relax in the Iraqi mountains.

Chilling images have emerged showing terrorists loyal to the Islamic State on a hill-walking holiday in the Iraqi mountains as they take a break from the rape and massacre of the local population.

The photographs, released by ISIS’ official propaganda wing, show the militants reading the Koran, enjoying a picnic, and even riding ponies as they relax in northern Iraq’s mountainous region.

With total disregard for the atrocities carried out by ISIS in the country over the past year, including the kidnapping and forced sex slavery of thousands of young Yazidi girls, the heavily armed men are seen smiling as they happily pose with the terror group’s sinister black and white banner…

More ISIS vacay pix at the link. An attempt to lure new recruits?