Interfaith exchange builds bridges at Thornhill Jewish, Muslim, Catholic schools

TH_Leo_Baeck-AsSadiq2_WEB___ContentRabbi Noam Katz, dean of Jewish Living at Leo Baeck Day School, and Jewish students visited the nearby As-Sadiq Islamic School in Thornhill, launching an interfaith venture which will extend to a Catholic school, as well.

How can you love your neighbour if you don’t know him?

That’s the question behind a new interfaith initiative in York Region that brings students from Jewish, Islamic and Christian schools together.

Grade 7 students at the Leo Baeck Day School’s North Campus and their counterparts at the As-Sadiq Islamic School along with St. Joseph the Worker Catholic School have launched a series of visits to build bridges between their faiths.

“With Toronto being the multicultural place that it is, we believe it is important not just to study and learn in a hypothetical way about people with different faith backgrounds, but to meet them,” said Rabbi Noam Katz, dean of Jewish Living at Leo Baeck campus in Thornhill.

“We are taught to love thy neighbour as thyself, but how can you love your neighbour if you don’t know him?”

The first visit took place last month, when Leo Baeck students visited As-Sadiq in Thornhill.

“We were first welcomed into the community’s mosque and received an introduction to Islam from their Imam,” said Katz.

“Next, I was invited to share a few words about Judaism and, specifically, the teachings and values of Reform Judaism”…

Note to Frau Katze: The As-Sadiq islamic school is run by the Khomeinists of the  Jaffari Centre.

The people who brought you the Jews =Nazis school text book among many other expressions of vibrant diversity.


I do not know who is behind As-Sadiq Islamic School — it is either Ahmadis or regular Muslims who are bending the rules, if not outright lying.

Turkey’s highest religious authority has said that interfaith dialogue is meaningless and should be restricted to functional matters such as zoning permits and the like. The Western media never report it (the news came from a Turkish online new source that is allied closely with the Turkish government).

Instead we get endless misleading articles like this.