I bet they won’t do that again…

Whatever it was that got them tangled.

  • Raymond Cameron

    They were trying to mate after reading the Toronto School Board sex manual. To make the matter worse they were reading a Google-translated copy. Everything you need to get into trouble.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …discarding waste fishing line is a no-no. Illegal in many places…that’s exactly why.

    • favill

      There was no evidence of fishing line involved (unless it was mentioned in the dialogue)…all I saw were wings wrapped around each other and necks with the swans unable to untangle themselves….it may have been a mating ritual or two males fighting.

      • Kathy Nelson

        favill, It looks like you are probably right about two males fighting and getting terribly tangled up. It was brave of that fellow to untangle them, swans can do some damage if they want to. In this case it almost looked like the tangled couple paddled over to the people to ask for help.

  • sanwin

    Ungrateful bastards, those swans.


  • AlanUK

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term, “necking”.