Financial Times on violent Frankfurt protests: ‘Voices from the street: Frankfurt protesters speak’

There are no accusations about the protester’s violence, no calling them neo-anything, far-left or extremist. Just a polite heading.  The main photo is shown above (reads “Capitalists of all nations have expropriated you”). 

This is followed by short excerpts by selected protesters.  For example:

“We’re protesting against capitalism. People are so poor that they’re losing their health, their jobs, their life.

“The ECB is a symbol for banks oppressing people with interest — it’s only interested in making money out of other people’s debt.

“I hope the protests show that they must stop putting more pressure on people. People are not willing to take it any more.

“The police have collected water cannons from all over Germany. And the GSG9 [a police unit used for counter-terrorism operations] are here too. It’s a declaration of war on their side.

“The newspapers say the Greeks are lazy. But what would people do here if they had their income cut by 20 per cent?”

Katja Kipping, leader of Die Linke  party (The Left Party). Based in Berlin

To see the full violence of the protest see the The Daily Mail coverage.  Bias?  This is one the world’s most prestigious financial newspapers. 

unnamed-2German police cars are seen on fire after being set alight by anti-capitalist protesters near the European Central Bank

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When communists are writing for, and managing financial newspapers, you should expect the quality of their reporting to fall right off a cliff.
    They will never blame their own side.

    • Frau Katze

      No one has brought it up as a comment either.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        The Daily Mail has never posted a single comment from me.
        I’m sure they’re are moderated by the same types.

  • Alain

    They might just as well protest Pixie dust, since unfortunately real capitalism does not exists anywhere. What we have is corporate socialism instead of capitalism which cannot exist without a free market. One would think after the experience of east Germany with communism they would not be such total idiots.

    • Warren Raymond

      “…after the experience of east Germany with communism…”

      The west Germans were so complacent that they allowed former Stasi apparatchiks to take over. Merkel’s background is in commie agitprop. Her Stasi name was ‘Erika’. Gauck, the Bundespresident, was a trustee of the regime. Any more questions?

  • winniec

    “We’re protesting against capitalism.”
    Has Marxism has risen from the dead? The East Germans will put them straight about the glories of Marxist-Leninism.

  • Waffle

    Don’t be smug. It could happen here too. We are so far to the left that people don’t see how socialism is just a softening up technique, while corrupt and power-hungry politicians take us down that yellow brick road to communism,The universities have become finishing schools for extreme socialist thought.

  • Warren Raymond

    For the police it is dereliction of duty to not protect their fleet from the mob. The unhinged rabble that causes these riots need to be rounded up and sentenced to hard labor in reeducation camps. We need to deal with them exactly the way they would deal with us if they held the reigns of power.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They should try any of the options.