Female Muslim leader: “Margart Atwood is mistaken” on niqab

Marissa Semkiw of TheRebel.media interviews a woman with more right than many to voice her opinion on the niqab controversy: Farzana Hassan of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

She talks about Stephen Harper’s and Larry Miller’s recent comments, and why Margaret Atwood is mistaken on this issue:

“The niqab is not a manifestation of feminism.”

Hassan adds that the niqab is not mandated by the Koran, and says some Muslim women who insist on wearing certain head coverings are “politicizing the issue.”

  • Achmed

    We don’t recongnise your fake laws. Only the laws of Allah as revealed by The Prophet (peace be upon him) matter.

    Your ‘citizenship’ is irrelevant. We only play along so that it will be almost impossible for you to ever expel us and if you try we will drag it through your courts until it helps bankrupt you.

    • Speaksvolumes

      And that’s why there will be war.

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    Here’s one for you Margie :


  • G

    Margart Atwood – would that horse faced old, government grant slopping freeloader STFU?

    Regardless of the subject matter this nut job has to spout off about it.
    The only reason she gets quoted is she’s a member of the incestuous little, inner circle of eastern government, arts, media snobs made up of people who’ve never worked a real job in their life.

    • Alain

      And totally lacking in talent might I add.

  • Alain

    She speaks the truth that the Left refuse to hear so determined they are to destroy the country.

  • Paulla

    One of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood said that the Koran doesn’t require women to dress that way. Women are forced to wear restrictive layers of clothing to control them. He actually said that.

    • kiwi

      He is splitiing hairs – the Qura’n merely states that the women should pull down their head coverings to cover their chest and upper bodies (they only wore skirts at that time) leaving free that which is necessary to function with (face and hands BUT in Sunni sharia law in the section “women’s obligatory clothing” all parts of the woman must be covered except the eyes.

      Not that most muslim women would know that, most being illiterate and just obeying their parents and imams.

      But it is this knew fad about covering little girls from day one that really annoys me – they are sexualising babies because of their perverted ideology. I shudder when I see these poor little girls in our capital city – Kiwi men are not turned on by little girls whose hair is blowing free and natural in our never ending windy city!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe “The Handmaid’s Tale” was less a cautionary warning and more of a instruction handbook. You never know, after all Aldous Huxley wasn’t really writing ironic dystopian fiction in “Brave New World”. He REALLY did endorse most of those fascist things in his other writings.