Copenhagen: One month after Islamist organisation celebrated terrorist, local government approves mosque

Drawing of the planned mosque

In January, Islamisk Trossamfund (Islamic Faith Society) warned Muslims against distancing themselves from the terror attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

It was also Islamisk Trossamfund which in 2005 sent imams to the Middle East with fake Mohammed drawings with the aim of provoke boycott of Danish goods and inspire to deadly terrorist attacks against Danish citizens.

Under great pomp and circumstance, Islamisk Trossamfund burried the dead terrorist Omar El-Hussain in February and at least 700 Muslims attended the funeral, several of whom expressed their sympathy with the terrist’s actions.

Only a month after the scandalous burrial, Copenhagen’s local politicians approved the society’s plans for a new mega mosque…

  • simus1

    Mega bribes for megamosques?
    No problem for politicians .

    Where all different cultures meet.

  • FactsWillOut

    Meanwhile, I still can’t say the “N” word here.
    Until we beat PC, the rest is a waste of time.

    Mamba, please edit my post, because I don’t like ni&&er paki fa&&ot punks, and we don’t want anyone to get sued by some sort of worm.
    When folk are scared of lawsuits, that means we have lost, as lawsuits are not troops, yet.
    Sat goodnight.

  • WalterBannon

    Danes are clearly mentally ill as a culture. Their mass suicide is noted.

  • pop

    Halal bribe money to pay for it.

  • pop

    Yes, Danes are in denial. Why have an army?

  • richfisher

    Even in the drawing there’s a crazed Jihadi trying to run down pedestrians on the sidewalk.

  • Extortion DOES work.

    • FactsWillOut

      It’s the oldest profession.
      What do you call government?