Catholic school gets partial win at court, still forced to teach against faith

A private Catholic school in Montreal has been told they have partial freedom of religion after a Supreme Court ruling said the school must still teach other religions in a way the school says violates their faith and Charter rights.

  • holly

    Diversity teaching or agenda 21 method.

    Ready to convert lectures.

  • First of all, parents can start teaching the religion at home.

    Secondly, real (not nominal) Catholic teachers should be affirming that faith in Catholic schools.

    Thirdly, how do you teach that ALL religions offer the same spiritual benefits when that is not what they proffer? Wouldn’t it be better to teach tolerance of other faiths as opposed to moral relativism? Of course it would.

  • Mark

    All the more reason for education vouchers. Attach funding to individual children and let parents decide where their children should be educated.

  • cmh

    so private Canadian madrasses now have to teach Judaism? lol… this means the muslims will have to learn something other than hate, hahahahaha

  • ontario john

    This is a serious intrusion on the rights of PRIVATE Christian schools to teach the Christian faith.

  • WalterBannon

    Fuck the Supreme Court and their treason.