Accused B.C. terrorist hoped legislature attack would help ‘brothers’ in Afghanistan

VANCOUVER — As far as John Nuttall knew, three pressure cookers full of plastic explosives would soon detonate on the lawn of the British Columbia legislature.

Nuttall and his wife Amanda Korody had planted the bombs in the early morning of Canada Day 2013, and now they were making their way to a safe house in the Vancouver area with the help of an undercover RCMP officer, a B.C. Supreme court jury heard.

In undercover audio recordings presented in court, Nuttall spends that time talking about the Qur’an, complaining of the treatment of Muslims overseas and justifying the attack, which he suggests could rival 9/11.

As for the potential victims at the legislature, who he believes will mainly be government employees preparing for Canada Day festivities, Nuttall seems unconcerned.

“That’s what they get for taking a job with the government,” Nuttall says in the recording, which was played in court Wednesday.

“To hell with them.”

Nuttall and Korody’s trial has watched and listened to dozens of hours of video and audio recordings, all captured as part of an elaborate undercover operation…

  • Is it an accident that Islamists are nutters?


    • Frau Katze

      No accident.

    • Petrilia

      Far to easy for these sharia terrorists. Let them claim what they want. They wanted to kill thousands of/Canadians on Canada Day. Let them lie alone in a cell like Bernardo, six feet by six feet, toilet, for the rest of their pathetic lives. They wanted thousands to die. We want them to die a thousand deaths, knowing their bomb did not go off. They must be punished by we the Canadian people did not ever agree with them. And we did. They will live forever in a wee cell, never see the outside and the beauty of the wold again. Ever. Oh wait, my neighnour just came and told me red wing blackbirds are here. SPRING. OH WELL, SHARIA TERRORIST WILL NEVER KNOW.

      • Chain them up in a remote region of Baffin Island in January.

        Problem solved.

        People have ONE life to live and they choose to embrace death.

        Just… wow…

        • ntt1

          put ’em on clean granola for a month detox them, then feed them to the threatened polar bears

  • eMan14

    There’s nutters everywhere, but Islam seems to attract one’s with a call to violence.

  • marco

    He looks like an ungroomed Justin to me.

  • ontario john

    Its a good thing the trial isn’t in islamic Toronto, or the leftists/liberals in the jury would spend the next two years debating whether its Harper’s fault or the western persecution of islam.

    • Petrilia

      A local paper has 3 hate Harper articles. Why.

  • Gary

    It’s the quran stupid .

    It takes a Village Idiot to raise a child in a madrassa.

  • ntt1

    these two were perfect for islam, drugged up mentally unstable and on the skids.I hope that temporary insanity is not on the table as a defense.

    • Petrilia

      Do you remember the mother on CBC begging tongetbherbdaugherbback. Poor mother. She had no idea her daughter was a terrorist. Only one thing to do. Denounce her. Some say blood is thiccke than water.

  • Petrilia

    Am I wrong, but was the mother of the woman accused, begging us all about a year ago to find her daughter lost in Afghanistan? Might be wrong. In any case, these two terrorists planned to murder their fellow Canadians on Canada Day. Under their ordered sharia law, they should be executed quickly, her pretty little head separated from her body, quick, neat,maybe. What say we? Maybe we should take a vote. Or give in to the local thug, that I torture. Easy. The torture I have planned for these two traitors is perfect. No way in and no way out. 25 years in prison. Day after day. They will be as hated as Paul Bernardo. More, they are traitors. looking forward to their sentences.

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