‘We’re thirsty for your blood’ – Meet the Muslims that join ISIS, the type Canada welcomes back

‘We’re thirsty for your blood’: Playboy jihadi’s widow poses with her gun-toting ‘clique’ of female fanatics in front of flash BMW and boasts of ‘five-star jihad’ lifestyle in Syria


Aren’t you pleased that Canada will welcome back victims just like the maggots featured in this story?

Thank your government for this disgrace.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    It’s the female mosquito and black fly that sucks our juices.

  • Martin B

    When talking garbage bags try to look threatening, they just look even more ridiculous.

    • winniec

      Such a ‘religious’ piece of clothing!
      Ever see a nun with an AK-47 ? Neither have I. A mask implies there is a threat.

  • luna

    I wish them all success on achieving the quick death they so desire.

  • karra

    How does anyone know they are female?

  • J. C.

    The ladies do love their ‘bad boys’… 😉

  • P_F

    If the mohammedan immigration (and the overall immigration from third world countries) continues unchecked I am afraid very soon this could be a regular sight from a Canadian city.

  • winniec

    Come on down! (or we’ll shoot you)
    The real meaning of the niqab.

  • Denis George Miller

    they should be greeted at the border with a lard covered bullet and a six foot deep hole/

  • pop

    Yeah, fleeing persecution. My arse.

  • pop

    Yeah, they really understand Canadian way of life.


  • Ed

    Just seal them in and in no time the BMW won’t work and they’ll be clueless how to fix it. They’ll run out of ammo and have no clue how to make more. In no time they’ll be back on their asses slowly wiping flies off their faces.

  • Barrington Minge

    They’re complaining that they only got a rotten BMW. Hubby got the gold plated Merc.