University of New Mexico student government decries ‘Islamophobia’

16476_871937329494940_2094763529186491561_nA decision by the University of New Mexico’s student government is raising eyebrows.

A newly approved resolution says given the recent events of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the assassination of three students in North Carolina and the Molotov cocktail thrown at the Albuquerque Islamic Center in 2014:

“The university should stand strong in opposition of Islamophobia,” and the student government “urges the University of New Mexico to publicly state their opposition to Islamophobia.”

“I think it’s a great resolution and I’m very proud of our senate and president for signing this,” said Jenna Hagengruber, Vice President of the Associated Students of UNM.

Now, the university is facing backlash. Some critics said the new resolution is an infringement on students’ First Amendment right to free speech.

Blogs and websites have targeted the school with headlines like, “The University of New Mexico just made it illegal to criticize anything Islamic or Muslim” and “Coming to a college near you: Sharia!”…