Two Liberal MPs accused of sexual harassment to get permanent boot

Two Liberal MPs accused of sexual misconduct toward two female NDP colleagues are expected to be told today that they’re being permanently booted from the Grit fold.

Liberal insiders say the fate of Montreal MP Massimo Pacetti and Newfoundland MP Scott Andrews has been decided by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau after receiving the results of an independent investigation he ordered into complaints levelled against them.

Toronto lawyer Cynthia Petersen, a human rights specialist who has investigated sexual harassment complaints in the private sector, handed Trudeau her report on Pacetti and Andrews last week.

  • Waffle

    So much for due process and the rule of law — 800 years of progress down the drain in a single flush. Sheeples — the writing is on the wall. In 8 moths, I hope I won’t have to say “I told you so”.

  • The Goat

    I have a great idea: Let’s put both of these parties in charge of our country during a time when ISIS is taking over the Middle East, Russia is taking over Eastern Europe again and Iran is heading straight for the bomb.

  • ntt1

    This reflects on trudeau more that the two unfortunate males . this is complete withdrawal of due process and conviction based on third party whispers,

  • Clausewitz

    It’s always cute when progressives eat their own.