Stop Smearing Critics of Islam as Islamophobes

The UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission has disgusted everyone who owns a moral compass by giving its international “Islamophobe of the Year Award” to Charlie Hebdo.

Yep, that’s right—not content that the editors and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo have already been summarily executed for the “crime” of Islamophobia, the IHRC now wants to posthumously insult them, metaphorically branding their corpses with the i-word so that everyone remembers what scumbags they were.

The IHRC, a charity founded in 1997 to research, study, and bleat about anyone who is less than fawning about Islam, initiated the Annual Islamophobia Awards in 2003. The winners are, of course, not actually anti-Muslim bigots, but simply people who have had the temerity to criticize some aspect of Islamic faith or culture.

So Ayaan Hirsi Ali has won one for failing to show sufficient respect to the religion that ruined her childhood. How dare she! Tony Blair was awarded one as well, proving that even painfully PC politicians who go around quoting the Koran and saying what a wonderful religion Islam is can still find themselves labelled haters.

And now, eclipsing even those previous undeserving winners, Charlie Hebdo has been dishonored with an award. On March 7, exactly two months after the massacre—nice—the IHRC christened that mag the worst of the international Islamophobes. No one from the magazine was available to pick up the award, of course, since many of its writers are now dead.

The IHRC’s labelling of freshly-killed satirists is like a post-mortem justification for the massacre itself, a reminder of the “crimes” these people committed prior to being shot at their desks. In fact, it’s merely a less bloody version of the Islamic State’s habit of hanging a placard around the neck of some poor bloke about to be crucified or pushed off a building: a reminder of the wickedness done by these individuals who are being, or have been, executed…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    There are no legitimate Islamic Human Rights Agencies.
    I think after we get to that realization, moral clarity should come quickly.

  • winniec

    ‘Islamophobia’ is called when kafirs refuse to convert to Islam and they dare to say why not.
    ‘Islamophobia’ is called when kafirs disagree with Islamic customs and/or violent jihad.
    ‘Islamophobia’ is called when kafirs complain about the niqab (a mask of apartheid)
    ‘Islamophobia’ is called when kafirs complain about pedophile gangs,
    ‘Islamophobia’ is called when kafirs complain about special prayer rooms or footbaths installed everywhere at public expense.
    ‘Islamophobia’ is called when kafirs fail to praise Islam or do praise it enough.
    ANY resistance at all to the Islamization of Western countries is called ‘Islamophobia’.
    ANY resistance at all to the jihad against Western countries is called ‘Islamophobia’.
    Muslims evidently believed that merely by emigrating to Western countries that millions of Westerners would spontaneously be inspired at the sight of Muslims and flock to join the mosque. Westerners did not do that, but instead read the daily news of jihad attacks and kept a distance from Muslims and the Islamic religion. They weren’t interested.
    Muslims weren’t expecting that response. They thought: ‘Westerners are ‘Islamophobic’ because they collectively resisted the call to conversion, so now they must be punished.’ Allah commands Muslims to fight the disbelievers until they submit. What can be clearer…to a Muslim?
    By daring to criticize Islam, instead of converting to Islam, Westerners were asking for trouble! This leads pious Muslims to boil over in righteous Islamic rage. They must now create a fierce army and join ISIS to strike TERROR into the hearts of infidels and use the tried and true Islamic methods of conversion to Islam: terror, deception, surprise, atrocities, enslavement, destruction of cultural artifacts, economic sabotage and verbal jihad or propaganda.

    It’s an all-out war, but Muslim youth living in the West have limited resources to participate in jihad. Any way, it’s more glamorous to head out to Syria and join the Caliph.

    That’s what the ‘Islamophobia’ slur is all about. It means that Westerners are not converting to Islam and their refusal means Muslims are now obligated to ‘fight’ them and humiliate them, and enslave them and crush them.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I think all non Muslims should retain a controlled degree of Islamophobia.
    They are out to eliminate us.
    We must know our enemies and we must always be on guard against them.

    However, I know of no law that forbids hatred of Islam – Islamodium.
    I believe we should retain and encourage a strong – and controlled – Islamodium in order to deal with our would be executioners by whatever means are necessary.

    The least bloody methods would be to forbid entry to any more Muslims and to expel those that are not already citizens and exile those Muslim citizens that are a threat to our lives and peace.