Obama Administration Insults Memory of Armenian Holocaust

Turkish official teasing starving Armenian children by showing bread 1915 (Collection of St. Lazar Mkhitarian Congregation)

Next month, Armenians worldwide will mark the centennial of the Armenian Holocaust that saw 1.5 million of their people perish barbarically at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in a jihad that is continuing today under the Islamic State. This destruction of the Armenians in Anatolia, where they had lived for several thousand years, was also the event that gave Hitler reason to believe he could get away with exterminating Jews, Poles and Gypsies.

“Who still remembers today the annihilation of the Armenians?” the Nazi leader reportedly said.

The trauma of 1915 left deep scars on the Armenian psyche, similar to those the Nazi Holocaust made on that of the world’s Jews. As a result, one would think the Obama administration would show an increased sensitivity regarding the killing of Armenians, especially by Muslim enemies, and more especially in view of the approaching Armenian Holocaust’s centenary in April. But only last month, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland urged Armenian authorities to make “a humanitarian gesture” and release two Azeri terrorists who had crossed the border from Azerbaijan and murdered two people, one a 17-year-old. A third Armenian, a woman, was badly wounded…

  • just a thought

    This probably won’t make me any friends, but I think it’s important to keep in mind.

    • Interesting clarification by Bernard Lewis. But that does not mean the Turks (who were invaders and oppressors) were any the more justified in killing off masses of Armenians, as he himself admits.

  • just a thought

    P.S. – Releasing terrorists is NEVER justified. A real humanitarian act would be to execute them on behalf of their victims.

  • It’s time for countries to seek allies elsewhere. The current leadership in the US is indifferent.

  • Clausewitz

    Obama has a problem with history since he keeps wanting to rewrite it every other week.

  • Never forget, the Turks are a people originating in the Central Asia steppes (they are relatives of the Mongols). They conquered Anatolia over a couple of hundred of years, finally conquering Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) empire, only 550 years ago. In other words, they were murderous land thieves from afar. The Armenians were there long before them, with their own kingdom in eastern Anatolia. The Armenian holocaust (up to 2 million killed) in the early 20th century was only the latest blood-letting by the Turkish savages.