Muslim terror plotter likely deported within six months, lawyer says

“…Audrey Macklin, a professor and chair in human rights law at the University of Toronto, said Malik’s case highlights a practice the Canadian government has engaged in for some time when it comes to non-citizens accused of terrorism-related crimes.

“It is the case that the government has generally assumed it is easier to deport than to prosecute,” she said. “They don’t have to satisfy the same burden of proof. They don’t have to present the same quality of evidence. The decision-maker is not as independent.”

Macklin said deporting a person accused of terrorism means they aren’t given due process.

“Maybe he will be able to walk free in Pakistan and live a happy life,” she said. “Maybe he will be tortured and executed without the benefit of any legal process. In either event, those are arbitrary and unpredictable and not the sort of things we imagine comply with the rule of law.”

Macklin said the Canadian public is not very well informed about the federal government’s continued efforts to deport non-citizens in these cases instead of using the criminal justice system.”

We owe him nothing.