Leftist Tel Aviv mourns Netanyahu victory

The devastation among the left, seemingly out of touch with the rest of the country, was exacerbated by the fact that Netanyahu’s charm appeared to be wearing off.

Leftist, secular Tel Aviv went to sleep last night cautiously optimistic only to wake up this morning in a state of utter and absolute devastation.

For many in the so-called “bubble,” it was May 1996 all over again – the election that brought Benjamin Netanyahu to power for the first out of four times. In that election, held half a year after Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, Israelis went to bed confident that his successor, Labor party leader Shimon Peres, would be the next prime minister, only to wake up to news the following morning that Netanyahu had slipped ahead with a few thousand critical votes.

  • Mohammad Pig

    Sickularists “praying” for their own genocide

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Somewhere in the Atlantic and Mediterranean crossing, Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” got lost in translation.

  • David Murrell

    …and leftist CBC News and the Globe and Mail are in mourning too. One should read the “comments” sections of the two media. Rage, rage and more anti-Jewish rage going on.

    • Exile1981

      I think Obama and Sorros didn’t get their moneys worth.

  • Reader
  • G-d mercifully saved Israel this day from the nutty left. If these people had won, Israel’s days would be counted, its very existence no longer sure. It is good to see that most Israelis, those who voted right, still have some wisdom.

  • robins111

    The sniveling and bawling over at the Ceeb site over Bibi’s win is music to my ears

  • oldguy

    They lost because they haven’t imported enough American Jews yet.

  • Dana Garcia

    Unhappy commies make me smile. Tough luck, Obasma!

  • favill

    How can we get rid of this type of thinking in Canada? I grew up here from the age of eight and it boggles my mind how Canadians in general seem to opt for those politicians who would take away their freedoms. Listening to the radio this morning many callers were lambasting Harper for making the comments he did about firearms….the kicker was it was a “conservative” radio station.

    • Alain

      It is the result of 40 to 50 years of neo-marxists gradually infiltrating the education system and taking it over completely in the end.

  • Waffle

    I slept well last night after hearing the preliminary election results. One thing about the Jewish people who have an innate sense of survival. How else can one account for our longevity?
    Earlier, I had been “treated” to a telephone town hall sponsored by CIJA/UJA in which the speaker, David Wineberg claimed that the existential threats confronting Israel (and indeed, the whole Western world) had nothing to do with the election — voters were more concerned with who was going to fix the leaky roof or take out the trash. I was reminded of Khan’s little book, “Thinking about the unthinkable”, written at a time when Americans were facing the threat of nuclear annihilation by Russia, first from over the pole and later from Russian missiles in Cuba. Canada was certainly not immune — I grew up in a little Northern Ontario town just south of one of the DEW line installations ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distant_Early_Warning_Line). Nobody really talked about it. Not that the subject was taboo, but there seemed to be little point in wringing our hands instead of getting on with our lives. The horrors of Hiroshima were still fresh in people’s minds.

  • barryjr

    The republicans should find out how Netanyahu beat the Obama machine and follow those tactics in ’16.

    • Alain

      Netanyahu identified and named the enemy or enemies since he included the Left and made it clear he will not stand for a two-state solution. So in spite of massive foreign funding and intervention, especially from the White House, including organising for the first time an Arab Israeli block vote (American funding and organising again) for the Left or the destruction of Israel, Netanyahu won.

    • JoKeR
  • ntt1

    I hope the publicity about the outrageous interventionism by obamas progressives helped change some minds. Now Netanyahu needs to fix the whole in the fence that allows foreign intervention as do all western countries Canada included. We have groups such as the dogwood foundation that are fronts for American trust fund money spent in trying to influence our elections. lets start with a 100% tax on foreign funds

  • Freedom

    No Hope and Change for you 🙂

    Incapable of understanding their own luck