Islamophobia and the justification of violence

Only in the rarified atmosphere of academia can the American flag be seen as a symbol of hate, and killing people for their opinions can be justified as the natural outgrowth of Islamophobia.

Find a stain on the human condition and ultimately some “scholar” will find America responsible for it. But ask whether the proliferation of Islamist-based violence has anything to do with the culture and traditions of Islam, and you will be quickly labeled an Islamophobe.

  • ontario john

    Heather(I hate Canada) Mallick explains islamophobia in her rant today. In response to MP Miller’s view on face coverings, she explains that most Canadians are racist except of course for her downtown Toronto comrades. She also hates Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

    • I must read that.

    • She really does confuse “meaningless and random” with “insightful and witty”, doesn’t she?

  • winniec

    Question for Muslims: ‘Is there a valid criticism of Islam by a kafir?’ Yes or no.