Help JDL Canada confront anti-Israel group in Vancouver next month

JDL Canada has just launched a crowdfunding project.

They want to send a delegation from Toronto to Vancouver to protest a group that spreads misinformation about Israel, Judaism and Christianity, and aims to undermine Christian support for the state of Israel.

(Basically, they’re trying to re-write the Bible…)

Visit the crowdfunding page to watch a short VIDEO that explains what this group is all about.

(And those who donate $50 or more get a JDL Canada t-shirt!)

  • Gary

    The jew-hatred in Calgary will be the first City to see suicide-bombers and Jewish temples being torch .
    The muslim mayor and quasi-muslim Police Chief are enablers , and if you add that to the Judges that excuse away the riots and savagery by muslims as caused by the Jews ……..we are $crewed and these pro-hamas thugs won’t stop at the jews.

  • johnbrooks3

    If the Jewish Defense League would change their Communist looking logo to something more Israeli, I might believe them.

  • k1962

    Who exactly are they protesting and where is it going to take place?