EU looks to step up migrant deportation

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union is looking to step up the deportation of migrants as part of a drive to counter the impression that asylum-seekers will enjoy a good life once they make it to Europe.

An internal EU document on action to deal with the migrant influx, obtained by The Associated Press Wednesday, urges member countries to “take action to curb the level of expectation” of would-be asylum seekers.

“The swift return of migrants could serve as an example to counter the vain promise that migrants will see an immediate improvement in their lives,” said the EU presidency text, obtained ahead of a two-day summit of EU leaders starting Thursday.

More than 276,000 migrants entered the EU illegally last year, many fleeing poverty or conflict. Strife-torn Libya is the main jumping off point for people headed to Europe, and governments are increasingly concerned that extremists are also making the Mediterranean crossing hidden in refugee boats…

  • Martin B

    1) Re-open Devil’s Island in French Guiana, turn it into a “migrant” detention centre.
    2) Round up any and all “migrants” who make it to EU territorial waters, send them there and leave them there until they come to their senses and go back where they belong & stay there.

  • P_F

    With the current situation, the EU laws and the mentality of ruling class they would never be able to do that.

  • Dana Garcia

    The EU favors deportation now? When did that change? I thought Brussels was making the Italian navy rescue every African floating on the Mediterranean.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Send them to Norway. Norway isn’t fully a EU member state.