Tunisia PM: Muslims Killed 19 people, including 17 foreign tourists, in Bardo museum attack

Tunisia PM: 19 people, including 17 foreign tourists, killed in museum attack

Still conflicting reports, some say 2 Muslim terrorists killed and the hostage taking is over, however others say at least 3 more Muslim terrorists are on the loose.


Information is scattered, and the language barrier doesn’t help. My suspicion is this might be Muslims however. I know, I know, I’m goin out on a limb here…

It is possible that “foreigners”, read infidels were singled out by the Muslims for execution as happened in Kenya. That is the likely scenario.

Reports of two Brits and two italians killed, everything is still pretty sketchy however.

Some BBC Background: Concerns about security in Tunisia have increased as neighbouring Libya has become increasingly unstable.

A large number of Tunisians have also left to fight in Syria and Iraq, triggering worries that returning militants could carry out attacks at home.

From Reuters… At least eight tourists were killed and others were taken hostage by militants who attacked Tunisia’s parliament compound, which includes a museum, a spokesman for the interior ministry said on Wednesday. Well that clears up some confusion about the location.

The Telegraph has live updates: At least three gunmen attack Tunisia’s parliament building in Tunis, with eight tourists killed and reports of up to 30 hostages still held

“In front of parliament”



Or if you prefer #attaquebardo

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France24 English Livestream

Earlier From France 24, some reports coming in that at least some hostages may have been liberated, and at the least there have been exchanges of gunfire.