Dozens protest Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed agenda outside MPP’s office in Mississauga

Dipika Damerla, the Liberal MPP in Mississauga East—Cooksville, held a sex-ed information session at her constituency office at 1420 Burnhamthorpe Road East tonight. Outside, dozens of residents showed up to protest what they feel is an expropriation of their parental rights by the state.

  • cmh

    How can we expect people who don’t even know what bloody sex they really are to run anything? They want to sexualize everything because that is their deviancy.

    • Cheryl

      I have to agree 100%. They say you are born a homosexual and if that is true why do you marry someone from the opposite sex? As you say these people should not be deciding what should be taught in sex education for the majority that are heterosexual. I wish she would call herself the right way and not keep going with the gay term. She is a homosexual.

  • Palidor

    Wynne’s kids were the first to suffer from her deviancy now she wants to extend that to the entire province’s kids.

    All hyperbole aside, the same progressive ideas behind Common Core in the U.S is infiltrating the Ontario education system. The parallels are all there.

  • Sexual perversion impairs judgment, just like drugs do or other unethical acts.

  • ontario john

    These people must be homophobic, why can’t people just follow what the media, political and entertainment elites tell them.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Tar and Feathers or Torches and Pitchforks?

  • David Murrell

    A wise political observer once said that street protests should be done by people excluded from the corridors of power. Clearly, those opposing Wynne’s pro-child-abuse sex-ed policies are utterly outside the places of power. More demos like these are necessary.

    And needless to say, the media elites — hungry to curry Wynne’s corrupt favour — will censor news about these demos. One wonders if the above demo got any coverage in the establishment media.

  • warrenzoell

    Yet the people of Ontario elected her anyway.