British PM Pulls Muslim Brotherhood Report

British Prime Minister David Cameron pulled a report Monday which was widely expected to recommend against labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

The review, led by Britain’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir John Jenkins, also is expected to suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in the United Kingdom should be more open and remain under review. No concrete policy recommendations are expected; however, it is expected to name a network of linked organizations alleged to be involved in extremist activities.

This network reportedly included a complex web of at least 60 organizations, think tanks, TV channels and charities with links to the Muslim Brotherhood. The British government decided in December that it would release only a summary of the full report.

  • eMan14

    Yet another example of let’s pretend we are doing something, but sweep it under the rug when we have to actually do something about it.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Excelsior Surprise!
    I am so Cereal.

  • Doug Kursk


  • Censored_often

    The United Kaliphate is cracking under the pressure of its domestic Muslims and foreign Muslim “friends and alllies”.

    A once great nation is doomed. Period. End of story.

  • boinky

    Call them outlaw bikies.

    That’s better.

  • boinky

    Islam, has nothing to do with Islamic Britain.