Always a Silver Lining: Gay marriage cake row could force Muslims to print Prophet Mohammed cartoons

Bert and Ernie gay marriage cake row could force Muslims to print Prophet Mohammed cartoons – lawyer

Muslim printers could be forced to produce cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed if the case against a Christian bakery which refused to make a Sesame Street gay marriage cake is upheld, a prominent human rights barrister has claimed.

Aidan O’Neill QC said a discrimination case against Ashers Baking Company – which cancelled an order to make a cake featuring the characters Bert and Ernie arm in arm under the slogan ‘support gay marriage’ – could undermine freedom of conscience.

Mr O’Neill was commissioned by the Christian Institute, which is supporting the bakery’s legal defence, to provide a legal opinion on the implications of the case, which is due to come before a court in Belfast later this month.

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  • john700

    Problem is that if you go to a Muslim printer and ask to have the Mohammed cartoons printed, you might not end up in court but in the morgue. Let’s face it, this Muslim problem won’t be solved in courts.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Use pages from a Quran as the burning rag stuffed in a bottle of gasoline. As you pitch it through their window then.

    • This is true.

  • roccolore

    But knowing Muslims, they’ll sue and make themselves exempt after years of litigation jihad.

    • Ontario is certainly willing to accommodate them in whatever way they wish.

  • G

    I don’t believe that this will happen. The judges will twist themselves into 20 dimensional mobius loop pretzels to find a way to distinguish the two.

    The law is whatever they want it to be.

    • That is a near certainty.

      • But it is worth a try. I love to see the leftists squirm.

        This seems quite straight forward. If you can force a Christian baker to make a gay wedding cake, why would a Muslim printer be excused from printing a Hebdo cartoon.

        I love situations that bring things to a head. This clearly gets to the point.

        Why is Islam so special?

        • The Goat

          I think it’s because they are so peaceful.

  • Businessmen and employees should not be forced to act against their conscience. If I was a baker and forced to bake a cake for gays, I would rather close my business or quit my job than sully my hands in that way. It is my right as a human being to choose who I am willing to work for – I am not a slave. Similarly, I think it would be wrong to force Muslims to print Mohammed cartoons. Muslims cannot be allowed to prevent others from printing such cartoons, but they may not legally or morally be forced to print them.

    • I agree with you.

      And if I was the Christian baker I would have used a different strategy – money. I would have charged them $8,564.98 for the cake, in advance. When they bitched about the price I would have told them I always charge the same price every time, regardless of race, creed, color or “orientation”. When required to do something offensive to me I need to charge more to cover the additional mental health costs. It’s just business. Do you want the cake or not?

      But as long as liberals get to force their viewpoints on Christians, why should Muslims get a free pass?

      • Yes, business dealings between free citizens ought to be based on mutual agreement as to price and conditions. If one party doesn’t like it, it is free to go elsewhere.

        The problem with the baker story is not that the baker did not want to serve gays, but that the gays demanded that the baker become their accomplice in an immoral act in his view, namely activism in support of gay marriage. If a court judges in favor of the gay party, it is effectively saying that the baker has no right to his own values and conscience. This would be extremely unjust and evil. As a Jew, I would expect to be served in every shop, but I would not expect those serving me to say the Shema Israel. They are not my slaves. That this question is even posed is evidence of a complete moral confusion in ‘liberal’ ranks.

        So long as individual Muslims in our society are law-abiding, they surely also cannot be forced to go against their conscience. There is no tit for tat about it, as you suggest (perhaps tongue in cheek).

  • DMB