A Clash of Cultures in Wuppertal, Germany as PEGIDA and Salafist Muslims Collide

“We’re here for justice,” said an attendee at the Salafist rally – one of three different public protests on Saturday in the small city of Wuppertal in western Germany. Salafists adhere to a radical sect of Islam that posits being rooted in an original and unadulterated interpretation of the faith.

“We’re here for our country. Don’t mess it up!” urged PEGIDA head Lutz Bachmann at a competing demonstration. The organization he founded, whose name translates to “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident” (PEGIDA), is now known well beyond Germany for its anti-Islam demonstrations.

Meanwhile, a group of locals came out to oppose extremism and neo-Nazi thinking with a message one demonstrator summed up as, “Our city is colorful”…

(Several videos at the link)

PEGIDA-GermanyPEGIDA in Dresden

  • Just a thought

    “Clash of cultures?” More like clash of civilization with barbarism.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Difference is that the barbarians who took down Rome are said to have been quite civilized when they did.
      I read a story that one guy searched high and low for a Roman noble because he wanted to offer to buy his house.
      The barbarians seem like they were just guys from the wrong side of the tracks who wanted in.

    • Alain


  • Ron MacDonald

    The best way to get rid of them is not to hire them.

  • roccolore

    Please. What the Salafists really mean is “We hate Germany, but give us those German welfare benefits.”

  • The push-back has begun. I hope it is not too late.

  • ArentIpretty

    Islam is a freak fest. Mark top photo as exhibit A.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    ‘a group of locals came out to oppose extremism and neo-Nazi thinking’

  • Pontifex Maximus