The Left now sounds just like the Islamist Right

In a sense, I think, anti-Semitism in Europe today is worse than it was before the Holocaust. Worse in the sense that at least at that time there were some people standing up on the Left or whatever. Liberals were defending Jews. Today Jews are on their own…

The Left is leading the charge against Zionism which is another form of anti-Semitism because they are not being critical of Zionism or Israel. They are simply using the Jewish state in lieu of attacking Jews individually and this kind of anti-Semitism has become part and parcel of the DNA of the Left. Combine that with Islamic fundamentalists and it’s a pretty awful concoction…

h/t Marvin

  • winniec

    Hardly surprising. The cultural Marxists have discovered that road to Marxism is paved with noble savages, so they quickly decided to import as many Europe-hating savages as possible. The more they hate Europe, the BETTER! Muslims despise everything European except for weaponry and technology. They would love to FLATTEN all the European heritage, like ISIS is flattening ancient monuments.

    • ntt1

      it is a strange alliance but it seems to be more than just anti Semitism , I think todays progressive rather likes totalitarianism, like turdeau respects the Chi-Coms. they know what’s “right” and have no time for the slow persuasion of the democratic system. the islamist offer; convert or die and the progressive would love to be able to say so too.

  • David Murrell

    “The Left sounds just like the Islamist right”.

    Say what? The left has been doing this for many years (decades?) now. One can hearken back to the days of Elijah Muhammad — of the Back Muslim days when they broke into prominence in the 1970s — to here the anti-Jewish rants. Things never change. Check out the “comments” section of CBC News or the Globe and Mail pages. It is getting bad out there, everywhere. The left and Islamism have joined forces, years ago.

  • Gary

    It’s too bad the IDF refused to let Svend Robinson cross into the Homophobic Palestine . He and Libby Davies have bashed Israel and taken sides with the islamists that used them as fools too stupid see that under sharia law they would be at the end of a noose.

  • Georgina

    And again the myth that Hitler’s Socialist Labour party were ‘right wing’.
    His supporters in Italy and GB may have been, but the NSDAP was not.