Islam is Islam: ‘Peaceful’ Muslims are not real Muslims

“…The truth is that Islam is Islam: there is no “Islam of ISIS,” “Islam of Al-Qaeda,” “Islam of Turkey,” “Islam of Hamas,” or “moderate Islam.” Islam is based on the Quran and the accepted Hadiths. Islam is also defined by the schools of jurisprudence and their interpretations of Sharia. For the Muslims who are living in denial, it would behoove them to realize that all schools of Islamic jurisprudence advocate violence towards Christians, Jews and unbelievers. Furthermore, the Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim corroborate this fact. The notion of a “peaceful and tolerant Islam” is a fabricated myth that has no Islamic justification.

If people are so dumb as to claim “differences in interpretation,” then consider ABC News’ example over the word “virgin.” In an effort to distance the word from its proper context and usage in the Quran and Hadiths, which indicate that “houris” (virgins) are rewards in paradise for the faithful Muslim men, an argument was made that “virgins” actually means “raisins.” So let us then consider why a faithful Muslim would become a suicide bomber for 72 raisins when he can just go to the grocery store and buy a boxful.”


This letter appeared in the Daily Lobo, the “independent” newspaper of the University of New Mexico and was written in response to Resolution 6s, the infamous “Islamophobia Resolution”.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘Is there a “Christianophobia”? If anything, it is the Christians who are being victimized, as their religion is used as a red herring almost every time a criticism of Islam comes up. ‘

    and Boom goes the dynamite!!

    So well put, Samuyel Ryu.

    Everyone recognizes that most critics of Islam will detour into a critique of Christianity for the sake of political correctness, but, who before Samuel Ryu stated it so bluntly?

  • pop

    Here, here!
    The best post of the week.

  • Warren Raymond

    That’s it, in a nutshell. All of Islam is nothing but organised crime, robbery, enslavement and destruction of people who don’t submit. Islam is the biggest crime syndicate in the world. It uses religious shrouds to hide the truth, which is “terror made me victorious, I made my own law that says it is legal to murder you, to rape your wife, sell your daughter into slavery and divide the spoils, so that I get 20% and the rest goes to my accomplices. And after we’re done murdering all of you, we will eliminate the evidence of your existence”…..

    • tamimisledus

      Very well put if I may say so!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    All this may be true, but the question arises as to when the sacred texts of Islam were canonized, if any writings were excluded and why, who did the canonization and by what authority, especially since the Sunni-Shiite schism occurred early.

  • Exile1981

    Actually it’s funny that the koran uses the term “Houris” as the reward for good service to allah. The term does not mean actually virgin the correct meaning I’ll detail below. The Houris are not real beings they are made by god; kind of like a minor angelic spirit it appears. Houris is also a gender neutral term – they could be male or female.

    In the Quran the houris are called “companions”, described as being “restraining in their glances (chaste)”,with “modest gazes”, “wide and beautiful/lovely eyes”,”eyes like pearls”, “splendid”, “voluptuous” and “large-breasted”. Surah Al-Waqia (56:22) of the Quran describes the houris as “most refined”, created by God “in the best of form”, “virgin, loving, and well-matched”.

    Several Hadith have said that Houris do not menstruate or become pregnant and have no need to urinate or defecate. There skin is also supposed to be transparent so you can see the bones beneath.

    There is also mention that the Houris also are available as young boys – this is where the term virgin comes in – only when describing the male one. The quote from the Hadith is “And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.” So the virgin ones are young boys.

    The koran says every good muslim will end up with several (another verse says a couple) Houris of what ever gender they prefer and both male and female muslims get them as servants/lovers/slaves. It is in the hadith that the 72 comes in; and only for those killed while engaging in violent jihad.

    Now the funny part is if you look at the Houris and the way the koran describes it there are numerous similar descriptions in mythology – the Yuki-Onna of Japan comes to mind as does some early versions of the lamia of greece; or how about some biblical references to the Lillim as being transparent skinned? The difference is that all the other “stories” of transparent skinned individuals say they are evil and not to be taken lightly.

  • jscumm

    so peaceful is islam that it’s followers have slaughtered some 300 million kuffars in last 1400 years for their refusal to accept this terrorism (islam)